JQuery responsive content slider

In this article we'll be looking at creating a responsive content slider using basic HTML, CSS and JQuery. This is a great way to provide some nice visual transitions for your visitors while maintaining accessability on different platforms.

Code Snippets

Connected Multiselect Boxes

The following code snippet is a quick and easy way to selectively create a list from options in a secondary multiselect box. As it's multiselect you'll be able to move more than one option to the other list at the same time.


Viewing the 'end' SQL for prepared statements

ORMs such as Doctrine and database API's like PDO or MySQLi offer prepared statements which provide stronger security for your queries. Unfortunately they can be harder to debug as it's difficult to see the 'end' sql that's actually being sent to the database. There's no way to achive this server side with PHP however there is a quick way to view what's going on behind the scenes without installing any extra software...


Losing and Finding an iPhone

Losing your mobile can be a real pain. Aside from the fact that many top-end smartphones can cost over £500, there's also the data and accounts that are linked up to a device, and the potential for abuse if placed in the wrong hands. And then of course there's the simple inconvenience of not being able to use our beloved smartphones. This is my short story of losing and finding an iPhone...


Setting up cron jobs on linux via command line

Cron jobs allow you to run scheduled tasks on your server. This can be useful if you need to back up, clear or sort data on a regular basis. In this tutorial we're going to look at setting up a simple cron job via command line that will call a designated url each day.


Accessing your local development environment on tablets and other devices

With tablets and mobile devices taking an increasing share of how web sites are accessed, testing on multiple platforms has become essential. It can also be a bit of pain. Accessing your work can involve convoluted solutions such as uploading it to a publicly available area where you can browse to it on your tablet or mobile. Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could just view your local environment? Luckily, 37 signals are here to help with a clever little solution that allows you to do just that. In this short tutorial we'll look at how you can setup your local development environment to be available to other devices on your local network.


Implementing a deployment strategy with Phing

Having a good deployment strategy can save you a lot of time and pain. Commonly most developers will start out by deploying projects over FTP, tracking any changes for new features and re-uploading as required. For smaller projects or when you’re working alone this simple system can be perfectly adequate, but when your projects and development team get bigger, tracking all the changes can be a logistical nightmare. In addition to this re-uploading an entire site via FTP and manually updating a database is tiresome. Surely there's a better way...


Getting Started with Version Control

There are a handful of developer technologies that can revolutionise the way that you work. Version control is one of them and an absolute must if you’re working in a team. In this article we’ll be looking at what version control is, how it can help you, and where to start.

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