HTML 5 Full Screen and Responsive Videos

In this article we’ll be looking at creating a full screen video player using HTML5; you can see some excellent examples of where this has been implemented by various developers at We’re going to look at two implementations, firstly an embedded HTML5 player that is responsive to the size of the screen that maintains the original ratio of the video, and then another that will ‘zoom’ to fill the whole screen.


Local mail server with hMailServer

As developers we want to be able to test everything we program before it goes live. When we write code to push out emails to our customers or visitors, we want to be confident it’s going to arrive at the destination, looking the way we expect. Most local windows server setups with XAMPP or WAMP won’t by default be setup with a mail server and setting one up can be a pain. Luckily there’s some great software out there to make everything a lot easier. Queue hMailServer…


Adding a twitter feed for multiple accounts using Zend_Service_Twitter

How would we go about creating a twitter feed for a web site that pulled the latest statuses or ‘tweets’ from several different accounts using Zend’s Zend_Service_Twitter client? This is the question I was looking at last week, specifically using Zend version 1 and the Twitter API version 1.


Routing custom URLs in Zend Framework for dynamic CMS pages

Zend’s standard routing functionality already creates SEO-friendly URLs. If we don’t want to strictly follow the setup of the controller name, Zend Router also provides a nice and easy way of adding specific routes which you can read about in the Zend Manual. But what about if we didn’t know what the URL was going to be? This article looks at creating custom URLs in Zend so that slugs can be managed in a CMS for better control over SEO.


Auto Escaping View Variables Using Zend Framework and Doctrine 2

Looking at the escaping output, and how this can be achieved with Zend Framework and Doctrine 2.

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