Automate your database backups to Amazon S3 Cloud storage

The golden rule - always backup your data! This couldn't be more important than for the driving force behind most web sites - the database. In this article we're going to look at how you can save yourself some time by automating your database backups directly to the amazon s3 cloud.


Migrate a database to a different server by command line

This article documents the steps to migrate a database from one server to another using the command line.


WordPress shortcode menu plugin

Add a WordPress shortcode plugin to your client sites to make managing content even easier!

Code Snippets

Restrict access to wordpress admin login by ip address

The code snippet in this article shows you how you can block access to your WordPress login area using htaccess.


Creating a custom login form in WordPress

How to create a custom login form in WordPress and account for any redirecting scenarios.


Filtering custom post types by post meta in the WordPress admin area

If you're viewing a custom post type in table view in the admin area of WordPress, you might wish to filter by custom post meta. This tutorial provides you with

Code Snippets

Set module dependencies in Zend 2

How to set module dependencies in Zend 2.


Attach a file to an email in PHP using PHPMailer

How to attach a file to an email in PHP using the PHPMailer library.

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