Build an HTML5 responsive contact form

In this tutorial we'll be using the latest HTML5 form attributes with modern CSS responsive techniques to create a flexible, cross-platform contact form.


WordPress for commercial sites - the hard sell

It turns out developers aren't the only people any more who have an opinion on which CMS framework is used to develop the next project, well... not if you mention WordPress that is.


Heartbleed bug opens up security vulnerabilities in OpenSSL

A new security vulnerability dubbed 'heartbleed' has been found in OpenSSL - the cryptographic library used to secure Internet traffic. With OpenSSL being used by software such as Apache that powers the majority of web servers - this has got a lot of people worried.


Generating QR codes with JQuery

This article looks at different methods of generating QR codes via APIs or jQuery, and the different types of QR codes you can create.

Code Snippets

Clearing and resetting forms with jQuery

Code snippet for resetting and clearing form elements using jQuery.


Mysql extension deprecated as of PHP 5.5

As of PHP 5.5 the original MySQL extension will be deprecated. This article looks at the extension and it's alternatives.

Code Snippets

Google maps location search that updates center

How to create a simple location search that updates the center of the map using Google Maps API 3.


Include a custom WordPress menu in a page template

This tutorial will run you through how to set up a custom menu in WordPress and assign it to a page template in your theme.

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