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Use WordPress functions in a custom PHP file

How to use all the WordPress functions in a custom PHP file.

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Redirect specific user roles after login in WordPress

This post introduces a few different options that you can use to redirect different WordPress user roles without installing any third-party plugins.

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Set logged out page in wordpress

How to change the page that users are directed to when they are logged out in WordPress.


How to remote desktop onto the Raspberry Pi using Xming

A step by step guide of how to remote desktop onto a Raspberry Pi using Xming and RDP.


Introduction to the raspberry pi

An introduction to the Rasberry Pi and it's uses.

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Create a zebra striped table with CSS3

How to create a simple zebra striped table using CSS3's nth-child selector.

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Strip images from the_content function in WordPress

This post looks at the options for removing images from post content.


Adding custom fields to a custom page template in WordPress

How to add custom fields to a custom template and have them show in the admin panel when the template is selected.

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