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Remove all controls from Google maps

This snippet of code allows you to remove all the controls from a Google map using the Google Maps API 3.


Set up Nexus 5 LED pulse notifications

Configure your Nexus 5 to use different coloured LED pulse alerts for your pending notifications.

Code Snippets

Finding duplicate records on multiple columns in MySQL

This post looks out how to retrieve duplicate records matching against two or more columns.


How to create a custom WordPress page template

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a custom WordPress template that can be re-used for multiple pages.

Code Snippets

Move an element with arrow keys using jQuery

This code snippet shows you how to capture arrow key presses to move an element around the screen.

Code Snippets

Add social share icons without javascript requests

Adding social icons to your site can add a lot of additional file requests, which can affect your page loading speed. This article looks at using an alternative approach by using just images and share urls.


Locally set up mysql on command line for large sql imports

In this post we're going to look at setting up mysql on command line for a local machine (i.e. one using server software like WAMPSERVER or XAMPP), and then importing a large SQL file.


Turn off comments by default for WordPress posts and pages

This article looks at how to switch off comments for different sections of WordPress.

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