Multiple HTML5 Video Players with JQuery Dialogs

This tutorial looks at how to combine the HTML5 video tag with JQuery dialogs for easy loading of multiple videos in a pop-out format.


Free MP4 to Webm video file cutter and convertor

There's a few different tools out there to convert from MP4 to Webm, and unfortunately they can be fairly inconsistent with their results. This tool lets you convert and cut all major video formats.


How to use the Google Shortener API

The Google url shortener allows you to take a long url and convert it into a shorter one. This is really useful when you have a url with a really long query string that you need to send to someone, or when you have a character restriction, for example when using Twitter. Google also provide an API for their shortener so that you can integrate this with your web applications, this post takes a look at how you can implement this.

Code Snippets

Stop Google from indexing a page

Stopping Google from indexing one of your pages is simple using either the meta tag or robots.txt file.

Code Snippets

Protect your email address from spam bots

Adding your email address to one of your web pages makes it easy for spam bots to pick up that address and, well, spam you. In this code snippet we'll look at converting each character to its ASCII equivalent so that bots can't read it, but to your visitors it looks exactly the same.


How much does Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) cost?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) provides an online repository for files, all running on the same infrastructure that Amazon uses to run it's own network of sites. Files can just be stored or made available on a url to download. This makes it great for anything from backing up all your photos and documents to serving up media files on your web site. In this post we'll look at the benefits and costs of using Amazon S3.


Protecting your email account from being hacked

What happens when someone steals your password and gains access to your email address? Hacked email accounts and identity theft are all too common these days, and being a victim can cause you all sorts of problems. This article looks at some steps you can take to protect yourself.


Google's Two factor Authentication

Keep your Google account safe with their two step verification process. This article looks at what it is and how to set it up.

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