Introduction to the raspberry pi

An introduction to the Rasberry Pi and it's uses.


Set up Nexus 5 LED pulse notifications

Configure your Nexus 5 to use different coloured LED pulse alerts for your pending notifications.


Protecting your email account from being hacked

What happens when someone steals your password and gains access to your email address? Hacked email accounts and identity theft are all too common these days, and being a victim can cause you all sorts of problems. This article looks at some steps you can take to protect yourself.


Google's Two factor Authentication

Keep your Google account safe with their two step verification process. This article looks at what it is and how to set it up.


Google shared endorsements using your credibility to promote products

This month Google rolled out 'shared endorsements', the concept of using your credibility to market products to your friends. The concept is that Google helps your friends make more informed decisions by displaying your reviews and recommendations against products and services shown in search results. What information will Google actually use, how will they use it, and how you can opt out if it isn't for you?


Recommended podcasts for web developers and designers

Podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with latest technology news and learn from industry experts. Given the amount of time developers spend staring at a screen it's also a good way to consume more information while giving your eyes a break! In this article I'm going to share a few of the podcasts I listen to regularly and would recommend to other developers.


Can you change the snooze interval on iphone's ios?

How to get around iPhone ios default 9 minutes snooze interval.


Losing and Finding an iPhone

Losing your mobile can be a real pain. Aside from the fact that many top-end smartphones can cost over £500, there's also the data and accounts that are linked up to a device, and the potential for abuse if placed in the wrong hands. And then of course there's the simple inconvenience of not being able to use our beloved smartphones. This is my short story of losing and finding an iPhone...

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