Losing and Finding an iPhone

Losing your mobile can be a real pain. Aside from the fact that many top-end smartphones can cost over £500, there's also the data and accounts that are linked up to a device, and the potential for abuse if placed in the wrong hands. And then of course there's the simple inconvenience of not being able to use our beloved smartphones.

A story of losing and finding an iPhone...

So when I returned home late last night after a wedding to discover that my phone was nowhere to be found, I immediately went into panic mode. Having not booked the taxi and not being able to get hold of the person who did, in a less than sober state I (and a reluctant girlfriend) went about phoning all the taxis in Bristol to find out which company picked us up. Apparently none of them did. 

The next thing I did was change all my login credentials for emails etc, but this wasn't going to get me my phone back. And then I remembered. Several months ago I'd taken the time to install a clever piece of software called 'Find my iphone'.

So I logged on to icloud.com with my Apple credentials, clicked on 'Find my iPhone', and up pops google maps with a green beacon indiciating my device. On the other side of Bristol. A refresh a few minutes later and it's in Kingsdown, then Cotham and then Broadmead... my phone was busy.

Clicking on the device gives you a few options; setting the phone to 'Lost mode' allows you to enter a telephone number and message that will display on the screen. You can then 'Play Sound' to alert someone to where it is (I tested this when I installed it, it works its way up from casual beep to annoyingly loud). There's also the option to straight-up wipe the device, which obviously protects your data and accounts, but also loses you the ability to continue using the tracking software.




A few minutes later my girlfriend's phone rings, the taxi driver has my phone and he'll drop it round in the morning. 03:50 time for bed.

'Find My iPhone' is an Apple product available for free in the app store, for a five minute investment I would strongly recommend it.


Thank you to City Link Taxis Bristol for getting my phone back to me, and to a girlfriend who listened to a drunk person rant about how this was the worst thing that had ever happened and was then forced to phone taxi companies at 3 in the morning :)



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