Set up Nexus 5 LED pulse notifications

I recently made the move away from Apple to the new Nexus 5, and I have to say so far I'm very impressed. One thing that caught my attention recently is that my LED light that provides an alert to pending notifications was suddenly a different colour. It turns out, this is something you can configure for different notification types, e.g. red for your emails, blue for facebook and so on. 

Configuring pending notifications

Before we jump onto the LED notifications, it's worth mentioning how to configure if pending notifications show at all in the top left of your phone. You'll find most apps you install will add notifications on by default so this can quickly get quite busy!

Notifcations settings are done on an app-by-app basis, you can turn them off by following these steps:

  • Go to 'Settings' (either via your apps list or the top right menu)
  • Under the 'device' section go to 'apps'
  • Clicking into any of your apps will show a tick box 'Show Notifications'

Configuring LED pulse notifications

Dissapointingly, it's not possible to configure the LED colours with your default settings, you have to install an app. Luckily this is fairly easy to do and there are free apps out there to manage this, the most popular currently being Light Flow Lite (the free version).

Follow these steps to manage your notifications:

  • Search for Light Flow in the Google App store and download the app
  • Once installed it will ask you to enable notifications in the settings
  • Within the app go to 'notifications'
  • Click into any of the apps to customise the notification (active ones aren't faded)

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