Get integrated - link up Trello to your Google calendar with Zapier

Trello is awesome. It's awesome because - just like BaseCamp - it aims to do one thing very well and not muddy the waters with endless functionality that only a small percentage of people will use. The only downside of this of course, is sooner or later we all want that extra little bit of functionality. 

What's trello?

Trello calls itself a "collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards". It is essentially a very simple way of managing tasks for projects. You can create several 'boards' on which to place your tasks, and then assign due dates, labels and members to these tasks. As the tasks are being worked on or completed, you can move them across to different lists (e.g. 'Working On'), and then eventually archive them when they're finished. 

One of the missing pieces of the puzzle for me is getting any of my cards with deadlines onto my phone calendar, which is synced with Google. 

Enter Zapier...


Zapier acts as a middle-man to connect different applications together by allowing it access to your different accounts. It offers a vast number of options for different services, one of which is for Google and Trello integrations.  


Zapier offer a free plan with some restrictions against the number of tasks and integrations you can have, you also miss out on a few of their premium features. For more heavy users there's a range of paid options from $15 - $99 per month. You can view their latest plans and restrictions on

Integrating Trello with Google Calendar

So I'm obviously assuming before anything else that you've got yourself a Trello and Google calendar account. With this in place, follow the steps below:

  • Head over to and sign up for an account
  • In the heading menu choose to 'Create a new Zap'
  • Choose to view the templates
  • On the apps drop down select Trello
  • The second 'Zap' available is 'Create Google Calendar Event from Trello card'
  • Click 'Use this Zap'
  • On the confirmation screen click to continue
  • You'll now need to link up to your accounts - if you're already logged in then you'll only need to confirm this step to allow access. Zapier will test the connections for each account to make sure they work.
  • Next choose which boards you want to push to Google Calendar, you can also configure which lists are used and apply filters. For my filter I've chosen to only push to my calendar if the 'Due date' exists. 
  • Map which fields you want to pass to Google
  • Test the zap - note that the sampes don't contain a 'due date' so if you're using this field the test won't work (just ignore it, or test the step by changing the filter to 'last-updated')

Once you've saved your 'Zap', wait 5 minutes and check your calendar for the first push. Keep in mind that after this data pushes are every 15 minutes on the free plan. 

And that's it, you can now easily view what's coming up from your trello cards via your calendar!


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