How to setup billing alerts on amazon s3

One of my biggest concerns about using Amazon S3 for my storage space was the uncertainty of my monthly bill. With the potential for other sites to 'hotlink' to your content and no ability to cap your charges, the bill could escalate to much more than you intended. 

Luckily, Amazon S3 is cheap. For months when I was simply using it for backup storage I wasn't getting billed more than $0.03 per month. There are steps you can take to prevent problems like hotlinking (like signed urls), but it's also nice to be able to keep tabs on your bill when it is reaching certain thresholds. Queue billing alerts...

Billing Alerts

You can setup as many billing alerts as you like for different thresholds, so if your requests start getting high you can take a look at the logs and review if you need to take any futher action. Billing alerts can be setup in the amazon s3 console with the following steps:

  • Login to the Amazon Console
  • Go to the activity summary page, here it will tell you how many alerts you currently have and you can click the alert count to add a new one
  • Inside the console click 'Add Alarm'
  • Choose what you want to measure, e.g. 'Total Estimated Charge'
  • Select a metric and click 'Next' 
  • On the final page, give the alarm a title, set the charge alarm (e.g. greater than $50) and then define the notification action (e.g. email 

Whenever your bill hits the threshold in future, you'll get a notification! 


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