WordPress shortcode menu plugin

Make your client sites more user-friendly with a WordPress shortcode menu plugin.

WordPress is an awesome platform to build sites for clients - the CMS is so easy to use, you barely even need to provide instructions for new administrators. One area that does make things a little tricker though, is shortcodes. 

As WordPress developers, we're very familiar with what shortcodes are, and how to use them, but they aren't a particularly user friendly way for end-users to have to add content to their site. How, for example, do they know all the correct attributes to add? There's a handy new plugin out by Coveloping that looks to resolve this problem...

The WordPress Shortcode menu plugin

Coveloping's shortcode menu wordpress plugin adds a handy little drop down menu right next to your post and page wysiwyg editors like so:

Click the shortcode you want to add and you'll get a popup with each of the attributes available for that particular shortcode:

...creating a much more user friendly experience for content editors.

Shortcode Plugin Configuration

The plugin comes pre-configured with all the popular shortcodes (e.g. embed, video) and any new shortcodes that are added via plugins will show under the settings section so that they can be configured:

For other WordPress plugin developers, you can preconfigure the attribute options so that users don't have to manually setup the fields, read more on the official site.

WordPress Shortcode Plugin is available for $16, codesynthesis readers can get a 50% discount by quoting the discount code CODESYNTHESIS50PERCENT

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