Can you change the snooze interval on iphone's ios?

This is my morning routine. My alarm is set for 6:30 because 6:30 would be a GREAT time to wake up; I'd have time to have breakfast, read the news, leisurely stroll into work and still have time to write a blog post! But alas, thanks to Blerch, I do not. Instead I ignore the alarm until it goes off for the fourth time, which leaves me with just enough time to still get ready and get to work.

So when I woke up this morning I decided to change my iPhone snooze interval to something more realistic like half an hour, not the current 9 minutes (only god Google knows why it's 9 minutes)...

Why is the iPhone snooze interval 9 minutes!?

I've often wondered in the moments between my alarm attacking me, why - in a world that uses a decimal numeral system - is my snooze interval 9 minutes? It turns out that Apple is just following tradition, stemming from the fact that the snooze option on old clocks would be determined by a cog that had nine teeth. 

So... can you change the snooze interval?

After 5 minutes of unsuccessfully perusing the setting menus on my iPhone, I once again turned to our good friend Google. In turns out, you can't. After searching many pages in disbelief, the best alternative is either the less impressive shortcut of simply setting yourself a secondary alarm, or...

There's an app for that!

Here's the top three recommended apps for that morning wakeup call:

Alarm Clock Free by iHandy Inc. - Download

Wakeapp! by Lemondo Entertainment - Download 

Custom Alarm Clock for iPhone by Hunka Web Solutions - Download

LED Machines by AriadneWare - Download 

After all this searching my second snooze alarm went off and being wide a wake I just got up, had breakfast, read the news, leisurely strolled into work and still had time to write a blog post.

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