Delete backed up photos and videos on google

If you're using a new phone like the Google Nexus, then most likely your photos and videos will automatically be backed up by Google. This is a great feature to ensure you don't lose all your photos and videos should your phone get lost, stolen or broken, but how do you access this backed up data and where can you delete it?

Backed up files are linked up to Google+, Google's social network equivilent of Facebook (don't worry though, your photos and videos aren't automatically shared). While there are an increasing number of Google+ users, a lot people only have an account for the purposes of using youtube, or to register a new phone... So if you're less familiar with Google+, here's how you can access and delete backed up media:

  • Login to the Google Plus using the account linked up to your phone
  • On the left menu that reads 'Home', select 'Photos'
  • You should now see the 'Highlights' from your photos and videos, click the 'Photos' tab to see more
  • To delete a video or photo, simply click on it and then click the 'Bin' icon

Easy when you know how!

Android / Nexus 5 - Switch off automatic updates

If you're not interested in automatic updates and are using a phone like the Nexus 5 running Android, here's how you switch off automatic updates:

  • Go to the apps on your phone and find Google+
  • Click the top right icon to bring up the menu
  • Go to 'Settings'
  • Click 'Auto-Backup'
  • In the top right, toggle the button to 'OFF'
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